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ADRESS: Directorate for Lifelong learning, Room 320, Francesco Buonamici Street, VLT 2000 Floriana

TEL: +356 25982432

FAX: +356 25982123

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The Directorate for Lifelong Learning (DLLL) within the Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family was set up in June, 2009. The mission is to lift the barriers for participation in adult learning so that the overall volume for participation in adult learning is increased an address the imbalances in participation in Order to achieve a more equitable state of affairs, to nurture creativity and the visual and performance arts and to offer scholarship schems. The DLLL is responsible for Evening Classes, Adult Basic Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Courses, Courses for Non-Maltese Nationals, Courses in Collaboration with NGOs, the Lifelong Learning Centre and the Schools of Visual and Performing Arts. The Organisation cater for 13.000 learners (16+ over) attending adult courses covering the 8 key competencies for lifelong learning.

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